Eye Bags

There are several causes of eye bags, depending on the age of the patient. There are four main types: congenital/fatty, muscular, flaccid and mixed.

congenital/adipose type
Some people are born with big bags under the eyes because there is more fat under the eye sockets. These people are relatively old, usually around twenty to thirty years old. Of course, over time, the bags under the eyes get bigger and bigger.

Some people have eye bags due to the hypertrophy of the orbital muscle These eye bags are easier to deal with.

Loose type – With aging, the orbital tissue will become loose, resulting in part of the fat in the orbital being squeezed out, forming eye bags. These people are usually older, and after the age of 30 to 40 will start to notice the bags under the eyes are getting bigger and bigger.

The same person may have more than one factor to form eye bags. The doctor will determine those factors that cause eye bags and then prescribe the right medicine.

Eyelid Drooping

Eyelid drooping divided into congenital and acquired, and acquired can be due to disease or old age. Old age may cause rupture or relaxation of the levator muscle aponeurosis, or the relaxation of nearby structures. Usually, in order to see things clearly, people with droopy eyelids will force their forehead muscles to lift their eyelids, but over time, deep train lines will appear on their foreheads.

Dark Circles

The causes of dark circles actually include factors such as lack of sleep, diversity, drinking and unbalanced diet, etc., which all lead to dark circles. It may also be genetically leading to aging.

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