Good news! We now provide the latest technology-based DNA testing services.  We have three major types of testing:

  1. Derma Report – It tests genes that influences certain characteristics of your skin quality like anti-oxidation capabilities, hyper pigmentation tendency and skin allergy. It helps you to understand more thoroughly on the quality of your skin and how different factors like environment stress and food can have impact on it.  It allows you to select and plan better for the maintenance of your skin conditions.
  2. Junior Report – It tests the raw talent, IQ potentials, personalities, food preference and many other health-related genes for your kids. Knowing those allows you to plan better on how to maximize the potential your kids and adopt what kind of education path.
  3. Optimal Report – It tests genes relating to your cognitive ability, sleep quality, inflammation responses, mobility, life expectancy . It allows to you understand where you are in the aging process and what food and actions would help you to delay the aging process and live a higher quality life.

Test is non-invasive and requires only a simple and quick procedure to administer.  Please contact us or call 21782028 for more information.

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